every 1st september we joke about getting ready for hogwarts to cover up the very real and very very deep scars of never getting our letters

harry potter and the deathly hallows pt. 1 + color palette

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"I don’t want to play anymore. All it does is make you care too much. You do care, you care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.”

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The hardest thing about getting older….


The hardest thing about getting older….


the slytherins making a drinking game where they take a shot every time draco malfoy talks about harry potter


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a letter from the end of the first week of hogwarts
  • albus severus: dear mum and dad
  • albus severus: i was in the library today
  • albus severus: reading a book about previous heads of hogwarts
  • albus severus: and i would just like to say
  • albus severus: are you fucking serious
  • albus severus: i demand a name change immediately
  • albus severus: just literally anything else please
  • albus severus: fucking dobby kreacher potter for all i care
  • albus severus: sorry for swearing i just
  • albus severus: bloody hell
  • albus severus: yours sincerely,
  • albus severus: aragog fang potter or some shit
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501. Muggleborns accidentally calling Dumbledore “Gandalf”.


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